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Do you believe in magic~? [Nov. 16th, 2009|05:01 am]



Name: Kim
Age: 23
Location: South Florida

All time #1 favorite movie: I am so, so bad at this and change my mind regularly. I'm gonna say...'Chicago'.
Animated Movie (disney or non-disney): The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It has a war with Lilo and Stitch every so often.
Music: I'm guessing you mean genre, so showtunes. And that one is no contest.
Food: Pasta~ My Italian roots show big-time when it comes to food.
Drink: Water, Diet Coke, uhm...milkshakes. :3
Animal: I'm able to fall into a squeeing mass over anything except ferrets, and only because those bite as a rule instead of an exception.
Season: Also changes in my mind all the time. Spring?
Smell: Old books, vanilla-almond, a lot of stuff from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.
Place to be: At a library or a bookstore.
Vacation Spot: Disney World. Scout's honor. New York's a close second.
Sport: Uhm, dance, I guess, or Quidditch. I am definitely not a sports person.
Time of day: Evening, right around dusk especially.
Musical: Also changes every so often. Currently 'Next to Normal'.

About You In General
5 posotive words about yourself: Intelligent, passionate, empathetic, open-minded, idealistic
5 negative words about yourself: Irresponsible, lazy, sloppy, naive, impatient
Describe your personality: I tend to get very passionate about my interests, to read a lot into stuff I enjoy and analyze it for fun, to define myself a lot by it. One of the biggest ways I feel I can connect to people is whether I can bounce ideas off of them and vice versa - that we can challenge and engage each other. I'm not the clubbing type, I'm much more inclined to have a long talk with a small group of friends, and when I'm close to people they can be my whole world sometimes. the flipside of that is I can get very deeply interested in something one minute and in another thing the next, and sometimes (I'm not proud of this) it's even the same way with people. I lack a lot of focus, and I'm not really a person who can find a ton of passion in the idea of work or family - I'm all about friends (though I'm insecure and convinced it won't work so it's hard to make them), and I'm all about ideas. I know I'm very self-indulgent in that way. but you're also going to find few who are as accepting as I am of all kinds of people, and who are willing to sit for ages and listen to even a stranger's problems and give what I've been told is very good advice.
whaat are your hobbies and talents?: I'm a geeky sort of person - anime, Western animation, RPGs, big theater buff. I used to do a lot more writing, but inspiration has dried up on me recently. I have a to-read and to-watch list the length of someone twice my size. I have a really spiritual bent to how I think and see life, and am studying Wicca currently. I'm very good at looking deeper into a situation or a person and figuring them out, analyzing the heck out of things basically. I'm also very good at debating an idea when I'm passionate about it, and as long as I feel I have the facts to back myself up I'll stick to my guns and be eager to show off my knowledge a little.
Is there anything about yourself that you wish to improve?(if personal leave blank): I definitely want a lot more focus in my life, and to have more of a work ethic.
Describe your relationship with your family and freinds: I'm extremely close to my mom, who I can tell pretty much anything although I rely a bit too much on her advice. My brother and I are really close and have a lot of interests in common but in terms of how we see the world and people he's a ton more cynical than I am - I'm such an idealist I can be kind of naive. My dad and I...yeah, he doesn't open up, and when someone doesn't open up I resent them because I feel like a stranger, like I'm not good enough to be part of their inner world. It's a bit more complicated with him, though, as I'm not really patient with him and I can judge him sometimes for limitations he has and mistakes he's made. He's the one person I *can* be really hard on contrary to how I described my relationships with others above. As far as friends, I'm all about friendship and about the 'clan' of a small close-knit group that is like a second family. You can tell me anything and I'll stand by you, or call you out when I feel you're being an idiot. And sometimes that'll lead to me treating friendships like weird romances, or getting way too attached. I've covered a lot of other stuff about me and friendships above.
Any pet peeves?: Being intolerant or judgmental, spouting off without knowing all the facts, people who assume or don't listen, people who (I feel bad for this) are kind of slow
How do you feel about love?: I think the person you love should be your best friend first and foremost, someone who you can completely trust and open up to with your deepest stuff. The physical attraction is important, of course, but secondary, and really comes to me with a person's personality and also feeling like they engage and challenge me.
What do you want most in life?: I'd love to live with access to a city where a lot of stuff is going on all the time, and to have both a relationship and a group of friends I can always rely on
What would you like to do with your life in the future?: I'm currently trying to hunt down a job in social work, with hopes of doing counseling/therapy in the future. It's...really freaking hard in this market. D: I'd also love to have those dreams/goals mentioned above.

[User Picture]From: kaysoul
2009-11-17 10:45 pm (UTC)
I see Wendy.
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[User Picture]From: madblessyou
2009-11-22 03:27 am (UTC)
I'm going with Wendy for you!
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[User Picture]From: estrellasdeamor
2009-11-27 01:15 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: caitriona_3
2009-12-24 06:15 am (UTC)
I'm going to go with Alice for you.
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[User Picture]From: larbasaur
2010-01-17 08:30 pm (UTC)
I see Wendy
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[User Picture]From: salveevery1
2010-04-14 08:18 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: los_york
2010-05-30 10:16 pm (UTC)
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